V Rings

An extensive range of Nitrile V Rings (also known as Flinger Rings ) available in A or S type. Viton Rings also available on request.


Product Description

In many applications the V-seal offers simplicity, versatility and economy. The V-seal is an all rubber seal that is installed directly onto the shaft and seals against a housing face, bearing or a shaft seal.

A V-seal consists of three parts: the body, the conical self-adjusting lip and the hinge (see diagram at right). The elastic body of the seal remains firmly in place on the rotating shaft while the seal lip maintains a dynamic seal in axial contact with the counter face.v ring

V-seals are effective in dirt exclusion, and are also frequently used to retain grease lubricants. They can also function effectively in dry applications with very low torque. An important advantage of the v-seal is its elasticity. A small v-seal can be stretched up to two times its free diameter. V-seals can be fitted easily to a shaft without disassembly of the unit. One size v-seal can be used on a variety of shaft sizes in either metric of English dimensions.

Commonly used v-seal materials include nitrile (-40°F to 225°F) and fluorocarbon (-20CF to 400°F).


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