• Adhesives

    Adhesives (7)

    We have been appointed an official distributor for Weicon
  • Bonded Washer

    Bonded Washer (1)

    A range of standard MERTIC and BSP bonded washers available. Also available in a combination METRIC/BSP kit form.
  • Circlips

    Circlips (4)

    An extensive range of External and Internal Circlips, available in carbon and stainless steel. Both are also available in kit form.
  • Custom Made Seals

    Custom Made Seals (1)

    Custom made to suite your needs We will always try to offer a solution to your application, if the seal is not available we will custom make it to suite your needs.
  • End Caps

    End Caps (1)

    A comprehensive range of end caps, also known as cover seals available. If the size you require is not available we will custom make it to suit your application.
  • FFKM O-rings

    FFKM O-rings (1)

    We are able to source all your FFKM o-ring requirements from Europe.
  • Gamma Seals

    Gamma Seals (1)

    A range of Gamma seals (RB) available, also used as flinger seals. Contact us today.
  • Gland Packing

    Gland Packing (1)

    A range of Graphite and P.T.F.E gland packing available.
  • Hydraulic Flange Seals

    Hydraulic Flange Seals (1)

    Seals Galore supplies a full range of Hydraulic Flange Seals according to SAE J518.
  • Hydraulic Seals

    Hydraulic Seals (8)

    Designed and particularly indicated for hydraulic cylinders, both simple and double-acting, in pumps, press machines and earth moving equipment were demands of low friction, small working spaces and low costs are necessary.
  • Mechanical Face Seals

    Mechanical Face Seals (1)

    A range of life time seals / Mechanical face seals.
  • O-rings

    O-rings (1)

    An extensive range of Metric and Imperial O-rings, O-ring Cord and O-ring Kits. Nitrile, FKM, Silicone and E.P.D.M (E.P.D.M. peroxide cured available on request) materials are available.
  • Oil Seals

    Oil Seals (1)

    An extensive range of Metric and Imperial Seals. Nitrile, FKM and Silicone Materials are available . Rubber Clad Seals as well as Heavy Duty Metal case Seals.
  • Quad Rings

    Quad Rings (1)

    A full range of Quad rings available.
  • Shaft Repair Sleeves

    Shaft Repair Sleeves (1)

    We offer an extensive range of Shaft Repair Sleeves, which are used to repair shafts where the oil seal has worn a groove into the shaft.
  • Split Seals

    Split Seals (1)

    A full range of Gaco Split Seals are available in Nitrile and FKM rubber. These are suitable for easy installation where changing a shaft seal does not cause excessive down time.
  • V Rings

    V Rings (1)

    An extensive range of Nitrile V-Rings (also known as Flinger Rings ) available in A or S type. FKM Rings also available on request.