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Seals Galore was established in 2000, and has grown to be one of the market leaders in Seal Distribution.

Covering South Africa and neighboring countries, we offer an extensive range of engineering consumables, especially Oil Seals, Circlips, O-rings, O-ring Kits and O-ring Cord and Split Seals. We also custom make seals on a daily basis to meet customer requirements.

Our Products

  • Adhesives

    Adhesives (7)

    We have been appointed an official distributor for Weicon
  • Bonded Washer

    Bonded Washer (1)

    A range of standard MERTIC and BSP bonded washers available. Also available in a combination METRIC/BSP kit form.
  • Circlips

    Circlips (4)

    An extensive range of External and Internal Circlips, available in carbon and stainless steel. Both are also available in kit form.
  • Custom Made Seals

    Custom Made Seals (1)

    Custom made to suit your needs. We will always try to offer a solution to your application, if the seal is not available we will custom make it to suit your needs.
  • End Caps

    End Caps (1)

    A comprehensive range of end caps, also known as cover seals available. If the size you require is not available we will custom make it to suit your application.
  • FFKM O-Rings

    FFKM O-Rings (1)

    We are able to source all your FFKM O-Ring requirements from Europe.
  • Gamma Seals

    Gamma Seals (1)

    A range of Gamma seals (RB) available, also used as flinger seals. Contact us today.
  • Gland Packing

    Gland Packing (1)

    A range of Graphite and P.T.F.E gland packing available.
  • Hydraulic Flange Seals

    Hydraulic Flange Seals (1)

    Seals Galore supplies a full range of Hydraulic Flange Seals according to SAE J518.
  • Hydraulic Seals

    Hydraulic Seals (8)

    Designed and particularly indicated for hydraulic cylinders, both simple and double-acting, in pumps, press machines and earth moving equipment were demands of low friction, small working spaces and low costs are necessary.
  • Mechanical Face Seals

    Mechanical Face Seals (1)

    A range of life time seals / Mechanical face seals.
  • O-Rings

    O-Rings (1)

    An extensive range of Metric and Imperial O-Rings, O-Ring Cord and O-Ring Kits. Nitrile, FKM, Silicone and E.P.D.M (E.P.D.M. peroxide cured available on request) materials are available.
  • Oil Seals

    Oil Seals (1)

    An extensive range of Metric and Imperial Seals. Nitrile, FKM and Silicone Materials are available . Rubber Clad Seals as well as Heavy Duty Metal case Seals.
  • Quad Rings

    Quad Rings (1)

    A full range of Quad rings available.
  • Shaft Repair Sleeves

    Shaft Repair Sleeves (1)

    We offer an extensive range of Shaft Repair Sleeves, which are used to repair shafts where the oil seal has worn a groove into the shaft.
  • Split Seals

    Split Seals (1)

    A full range of Gaco Split Seals are available in Nitrile and FKM rubber. These are suitable for easy installation where changing a shaft seal does not cause excessive down time.
  • V Rings

    V Rings (1)

    An extensive range of Nitrile V-Rings (also known as Flinger Rings ) available in A or S type. FKM Rings also available on request.